Anushka raises voice against 'false stories' involving her name

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  1 Nov 2019 6:31 AM GMT
Anushka raises voice against false stories involving her name

Hyderabad: Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, the wife of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, slammed reports which involved her in the Indian cricket selections. Anushka Sharma, who had been quiet so far, about the allegations in association with her personal relationship with Virat Kohli connecting it to Indian cricket, has finally raised her voice.

In a long, strong-worded-post Anushka sets right the false stories and baseless allegations made against her. Former Indian wicket-keeper, Farokh Engineer sparked a controversy after he mentioned Anushka's name when he gave his opinion regarding the Indian cricket selectors. He had stated that the Indian selection committee had no proper qualified selectors. "All they were doing was getting Anushka Sharma cups of tea", he mentioned about the Indian cricket selectors. This triggered the controversy after which Anushka took a stand for herself and released a press note slamming the false reports involving her.

Anushka Sharma has made it clear that she had been patient many times, even though the false allegations regarding her involvement in matters related to Indian cricket bothered her. Anushka stated that she did want to address these regressive, horrible, vicious, and baseless rumours spread by the 'media'.

"They say a lie so many times, repeatedly, that it starts to look like the truth and I am afraid this is what has been happening with me. My silence has made the lies spat against me seem true, but that ends today. I have stayed quiet through all the times I was blamed for the performance of my then-boyfriend, now-husband Virat and continue to take the blame for the most baseless things involving Indian cricket. I kept quiet then", Anushka addressed.

"My name has been used in fabricated stories claiming that I am part of closed-door team meetings and influenced selection processes, and I have kept silent. My name has been wrongfully used to say how I have been given preferential treatment or how I have overstayed my authorized time with my husband on foreign tours which if anyone really cared about finding facts from the board, would know that I always have and always followed protocol but yet. I kept quiet," her post read.

Anushka's post sounds assertive, and trolls deserve to be slammed. Otherwise, there was a time when Anushka had to face a lot of criticism even for Kohli's performance in the cricket matches, which is definitely not fair.

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