Amaravati: In an unexpected turn, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister transferred Chief Secretary L V Subramanyam, on Monday. Interestingly to note that the transfer orders were issued by Principal Secretary (political, general administration) Praveen Prakash, with whom the top bureaucrat had an in-fight.

Ironically, two days before the transfer, L. V Subramanyam had issued a show-cause notice to Praveen Prakash over ‘misconduct’.

According to the transfer order dated November 4, L. V Subramanyam, who will be retiring next month, has been given a loop-line post, he is appointed as Director General of A.P Human Resource Development institute, Bapatla. In his place Narab Kumar Prasad has been appointed as in-charge Chief Secretary.

If sources are to be believed, Senior bureaucrat Neelam Sahani and Senior IAS officer Samir Sharma of 1984 batch are in the Chief Secretary’s race.

The infight -between Former CS L. V Subramanyam and Principal Secretary Praveen Kumar.

On November 2nd Chief Secretary L V Subramanyam has issued a show-causee notice to Praveen Prakash for not following certain procedures. It was observed that the Principal Secretary had not included few subjects.

According to information received, Principal Secretary Praveen Prakash had submitted the file relating to YSR Lifetime Achievement awards to Chief Secretary, for placing the proposal before the council of minister. The file was returned advising him (Praveen Prakash) to obtain the concurrence of the finance department as per Business rules and re-circulate the file. However disregarding the orders, the file was placed for the proposal without obtaining approval from the Chief Secretary and Chief Minister.

While this wasn’t the stand-alone-case of violation observed against Praveen Prakash, in another instance, the bureaucrat had failed to place before the council of minister, the proposal of gram Nyayalas. It was observed that despite a request made by the secretary Law, keeping in mind the High court directions, the proposal was filed to be presented.

The show-cause notice (a copy with NewsMeter) stated, “Despite clear orders, Praveen Prakash IAS Principal Secretary, has exhibited grave misconduct and misbehaviour as indicated. It is clearly established that the MoS has failed to observe the A. P Business rules and also there is wilful insubordination or disobedience or orders of superior authority. It comes under misconduct and action in a manner unbecoming of a senior officer, thereby violating AIS (conduct) rules 1968.
The order has asked the bureaucrat to submit his explanation within a week.

While the genesis of the in-fight between the two top bureaucrats of Andhra Pradesh was when Chief minister got Praveen Prakash from Delhi to Amaravati to head the crucial general administration department (political) in September, till then, he was serving as a resident commissioner at Andhra Pradesh Bhavan in Delhi.

It may be mentioned that Prakash issued a government order (GO Ms No. 128) on October 25, fixing time frames for special chief secretaries, principal secretaries and secretaries to issue orders on the instructions passed by the CM or his office. There has been a debate on the unprecedented order.

While It is observed that, trimming of administrative powers of one bureaucrat and empowering the another, may have led to the indifferences.

Coreena Suares

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2 comments on "AP Chief Secretary L V Subramanyam shunted out"

  • Perfect and clean image people including the IAS officers like Sri. LV Subrahmanyam…have no place in the corrupt/biased governments. Sri LVS is my uncle’s son late Prof. LS R Krishna Sastry. I am saddened as an NRI… with this type of administration in the new Andhra Pradesh

  • When chief secretary of the state wanted to issue show cause notice to an officer directly working under chief minister, he should have consulted chief minister on this issue but simply issued show cause notice. That means chief secretary has no respect for chief minister. Naturally chief minister has a right to take action on chief secretary without any formal information. As the action of chief secretary directly an insult to chief minister.

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