AP CM Jagan holds trump card on Naidu, sets out to meet Amit Shah in Delhi

By Jinka Nagaraju  Published on  14 Feb 2020 1:18 PM GMT
AP CM Jagan holds trump card on Naidu, sets out to meet Amit Shah in Delhi

Hyderabad: Amid an unprecedented assault on Telugu Desam Supremo Chandrababu Naidu by the YSRC rank and file, following an explosive press note issued by the Income Tax Department, chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is meeting union home minister Amit Shah tonight in New Delhi.

The meeting is expected to trigger far-reaching political developments in the state as it is happening close on the heels of the one CM Jagan had with Prime Minister Modi on Feb 12, 2020.

Issued a week after IT sleuths conducted raids on 40 premises in New Delhi, Vijayawada, Vizag, Kadapa, Hyderabad, and Pune, the press note clearly indicated a connection between a “prominent person” and the targets of IT raids, without naming anybody.

Stating that the raids yielded unaccounted money to the tune of Rs 2000 crore, the press note said,"search operation was also carried out on close associates including ex-personal secretary of a prominent person and incriminating evidence seized." It needs no great political knowledge to identify who the press note was raising the fingers at.

The note has acquired unusual political significance; having come barely 24 hours after Jagan had a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The note has provided much-needed ammunition to the YSR Congress, which has been unable to present any evidence on Naidu's alleged corruption in the past nine months.

Armed with the press note, the YSRC has launched an all-round assault on Naidu. All ministers, MPs, and MLAs, from all corners of the state, are demanding the arrest of Naidu and a probe by CBI.

The 'Delhi debacle' seems to have brought about a change in the attitude of BJP vis-à-vis regional parties which are in power.

Of late, BJP is slowly losing ground in the states. Since it cannot remain as ‘stateless' party it has to cultivate friends as it did in the case of Nitish Kumar in Bihar. So, Jagan might be the first beneficiary of the changed policy of BJP.

Jagan, who is baying for the blood of Naidu, may use this opportunity to silence TDP supremo. It is in this context that the press note is assuming political significance. So, few more curious political developments are expected after the Amit-Shah Jagan meeting.

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