AP government steps in to control soaring onion prices

By Durga Ramesh  Published on  23 Sep 2019 5:00 PM GMT
AP government steps in to control soaring onion prices

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh government has asked its marketing department to sell onion at Rs 25 kilo in Rythu Bazars across the state from 25th of this month. The decision was taken as the onion prices soared high. They are sold for Rs 50 a kilo in the local markets.

The prices were around Rs 20 for the last one year. Maharashtra is the biggest producer of onions in the country, but the state has become the victim of heavy rains for the previous month. The downpour in the state inundated their onion fields, and 50 per cent of the crop was damaged. The recent rains also damaged the onion crop in Karnataka. Hence, the prices began to rise. It is consumed every day in most of the states across the country.

“Incessant rains in Maharashtra are the main cause of the rise in onion prices,” said Venkata Ramana, a wholesale onion merchant. Kurnool also produces onions, but the recent rains damaged the crops in the Rayalseema district, he told. He opined that the prices would be soaring until October 15. “There will be a drop in the prices after Dussehra as Kolkata is the biggest consumer of onion in this season,” Ramana told NewsMeter Network.

As onion is an essential ingredient in Indian kitchens, its prices have always been a matter of concern to the governments. The rising costs of the veggie decide the fate of the governments as well. It is said that the BJP government was defeated in 1998 Delhi assembly elections due to the rise of onion prices.

Keeping in view the rising prices, the Andhra Pradesh government plunged into action. It has asked its marketing department to get onions from Maharashtra. It will be sold in the Rythu Bazars for Rs 25 a kilo from September 25. The marketing department has started the arrangements accordingly.

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