AP should be role model in implementation of NEP 2020: Governor Harichandan

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  16 Oct 2020 10:24 AM GMT
AP should be role model in implementation of NEP 2020: Governor Harichandan

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh should be a role model in the country in the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020, Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan said on 16 October. He was addressing the Vice-Chancellors of 20 state universities during a review meeting held through video conference from Raj Bhavan.

The video conference with the Vice-Chancellors of the state universities was convened by the Governor as a follow up of the meeting held by the President with all the Governors and state education ministers on the role of ‘National Education Policy 2020 in transforming Higher Education’ on 7 September. During the video conference, the President had advised the Governors to continue the deliberations with stakeholders on the implementation of NEP 2020 and to share the suggestions that emerged with the ministry of education.

Governor Harichandan said as the state government was committed to implement the National Education Policy in its true spirit, the Vice-Chancellors of all state universities were expected to take a leading role in the implementation of the policy by overcoming the challenges, if any.

The Governor said the NEP 2020 envisions a robust and vibrant public education system in the country by putting an end to the fragmented functioning of the higher education system and transformation of higher education institutions (HEIs) into multi-disciplinary universities. He further said that national flagship programmes such as ‘Unnat Bharat Abhiyan’ and ‘Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat’ will also be part of the NEP 2020 and said that the issues of financial, infrastructure, human resource, and governance in the universities are proactively being addressed by the state government.

Participating in the conference, Dr. Audimulapu Suresh, the minister for education, said the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 is expected to bring about structural, institutional, and curricular reforms in the higher education system in the country and many of the suggestions made by the state government have been incorporated in the policy in respect of governance and financial aspects such as improving the GER (Gross enrolment ratio) through incentivising education through programmes like Jagananna Ammavodi and Jagananna Gorumuddalu.

The minister said the state has already implemented several recommendations of NEP 2020 such as academic quality audit cell, skill development centre, and incubation centres prior to the launch of the policy itself. He further said the state’s GER stands at 32.4 per cent against the national average of 28.8 per cent and while NEP 2020 seeks to achieve GER 50 per cent by 2035, the state government aims to achieve GER of 90 per cent by 2035 with the implementation of programmes such as Jagananna Vidya Kanuka, Vasathi Deevena, Amma Vodi and Gorumuddalu schemes. Infrastructure in higher education institutions will be upgraded under the Nadu Nedu programme, he added.

The minister said the NEP 2020 will transform the education sector in the country as it focuses on making education accessible, equitable, and inclusive, and aims to take learning to remote corners of the country.

Mukesh Kumar Meena, the secretary to the Governor, said Raj Bhavan has taken the initiative to develop a mobile application to allow universities to upload data on monthly progress made by them in the implementation of NEP 2020 which will be reviewed by the Governor.

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