Amaravati : Director General of Police – Andhra Pradesh, D Gautam Sawang and his team, saluted the magnanimous gesture of a woman, Lokamani of Tuni Town in East Godavari District, who offered cool drinks to cops deployed on lockdown duty.

The lady, on receiving her monthly salary of Rs 3,500 bought two 2-Liters of  soft drinks  for the police staff who were working in extreme heat condition. The video, of her offering cool drinks for the cops,  has gone viral on social media and has melted hearts.

On April 18th, AP’s top cop Gautam Sawang,  spoke to the  woman via video-conference and saluted  her for the  novel gesture.

In conversation with Lokamani, Gautam Sawang asked about her name, profession and monthly income. Later he appealed the women to stay safe and  said that police was working for people like you. In response to the salute, Lokamani  greeted him with Namaskar, while her smile won hearts of many.

Lokamani has been working in a private school for a meager  salary of Rs3,500 per month. Though she offered the two soft drinks bottles, the police refused to accept and they praised her for the gesture. In return the police offered her a small soft drinks bottle.


Coreena Suares

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