AP woman Manga Anantatmula contesting as the Republican candidate in the US

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 Feb 2020 11:19 AM GMT
AP woman Manga Anantatmula contesting as the Republican candidate in the US

Hyderabad: Manga Anantatmula, an Indian-American born in Andhra Pradesh, is the Republican candidate from Virginia, US, for the 2020 Congressional elections. Ms Anantatmula has kickstarted her Congressional campaign in Herndon, a Virginia suburb of Washington DC.

The Republican, a supporter of President Donald Trump, filed her nominations on 26 January. She is the presumptive Republican nominee from the 11th Congressional district of Virginia. Ms Anantatmula has become the first Indian-origin candidate to run for the House of Representatives from the Virginia district, a strong Democratic bastion. The district is home to many affluent people in Fairfax County on the outskirts of Washington. The county has 17 per cent Asian population, including seven per cent Indian-Americans.

Ms Anantatmula worked as a Federal government contractor in Defence acquisitions programme management. Born in Andhra Pradesh, she went to school in Chennai and graduated from Agra University. She, along with her husband and son, relocated to the US in 1990.

There has been a general trend among Asian-Americans, particularly Indian-Americans, supporting Democratic party candidates. However, Ms Anantatmula is confident of changing the trend in the November Congressional elections. She hopes to defeat Gerry Connolly, the six-term incumbent Congressman, from Virginia.

According to political analysts, a significant section of Democratic party supporters is shifting to the Republican party. The current political situation and the successful policies of President Trump are substantial reasons for the shift in support, they said. Ms Anantatmula's campaign is highlighting the policies of the Trump government. She has also expanded her name 'Manga' to 'Making Americans Great Again.' She has been focusing on reducing taxes, equal rights for women, helping the growth of small and medium business, and affordable healthcare. She has raised her voice against the alleged discrimination in the admission of Asians in Ivy League schools, which has made her popular in the district. She has further said that if she is elected to the House of Representatives, she will strive to strengthen the India-US relationship.

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