Army men win big at the World Bodybuilding Championship in South Korea

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  13 Nov 2019 12:57 PM GMT
Army men win big at the World Bodybuilding Championship in South Korea

Hyderabad: The Indian Army has always given us reasons to be proud of them. From showing unwavering dedication to protect our country and winning championships at international stages, they have done it all.

This time around, two men from the Indian Army highlighted their skills at the recently concluded World Bodybuilding Championship held in South Korea from November 4 to 11. While Ramamoorthi won silver in the 55kg category, Deva Singh placed fourth in the 85kg category.

However, while one might assume that these proud athletes got to the international event thanks in part to the Indian Army, it is not the truth. A group of good Samaritans came forward to help the army men financially, and amongst them was Jasbir Singh.

While speaking to NewsMeter, Hyderabad-based Jasbir said, “My friend has been coaching the two men from the Army for quite some time. While the Army had not supported them, my friend approached me for some monetary support. I encouraged them to go forward and agreed to help them.” Jasbir found like-minded people and pooled in Rs 60,000 for both of them.

Ramamoorthi and Deva have already established themselves in the bodybuilding circuit. They have attended many international and national events and have been crowned Mr India and Mr Asia. Their coach is a veteran coach who has trained around 100 students and he has participated in the World Championship held in Morocco in 2014.

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