Asst. Prof. to develop 33-district botanical garden resembling Telangana map

By Priyali Dhingra  Published on  19 July 2020 8:04 AM GMT
Asst. Prof. to develop 33-district botanical garden resembling Telangana map

Jadcharla: An assistant professor at the BRR Government Degree College, Dr B. Sadasiviah, 39, is planning to develop a 5-acre garden that will be divided into 33 districts to resemble the political map of Telangana.

Launched in August, 2019, the garden was developed on the premises of the 17-acre college in Jadcharla and is divided into 7 sectors that include a variety of plants such as ornamental, medicinal, and more. These 7 sectors will further be divided to resemble the district-wise division of TS.

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Telangana Botanical Garden

Source: Dr Sadasiviah

"All the districts will comprise of a unique plantation so that it can become a place of both recreation and knowledge," commented Dr Sadasiviah. To date, one acre of of the garden has been filled with greenery ith the help of over 150 volunteers, comprising Dr Sadasiviah's students and those from Palampur University nearby.

"When I was appointed here in 2018, the land around was barren. In the last two years, even after a few failures and investing money from my own pocket, we were able to develop a garden with 800 plants," the botany professor added.

Till now, the team has spent over Rs 7 lakh in developing the garden, which was sourced from individual donors, NGOs and from the volunteers themselves. "My students used to donate Rs 4-5 each which was more than enough for me," he said.

Dr Sadasiviah also mentioned that they had started a campaign for donation titled ‘Rs 1 for nature every day' and that several people nearby contributed to it.

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Dr Sadasiviah, BRR Govt College

He and his team were lauded by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao on Friday. The CM also contributed Rs 50 lakh for the development of the greenery, which would be known as 'Telangana Botanical Garden.'

The professor plans to grow 1,000 different species of plants in the 5 acres and a total of 5,000 individual plants - including trees, herbs, shrubs and medicinal plants.

He is also planning to open it to the public by November this year.

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