Hyderabad: A consumer forum in Hyderabad directed Bajaj Electronics and IFB Industries Ltd to pay an amount of Rs 50,000 as refund and compensation towards damages and mental agony caused to a consumer.

The consumer, Varata Jyotsna, purchased an IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher on August 8, 2017, from Bajaj Electronics (opp. Party No. one) by paying an amount of Rs.34,950.

The complaint alleged that the Dishwasher was not clearing utensils properly from the very beginning and brought it to the notice of Bajaj Electronic. Although technicians checked the product, the problem persisted. Vexed with the laidback attitude of the outlets, she approached the forum for redressal as IFB had issued a two-year warranty on the product.

Bajaj Electronics in its reply to the complaint contended that the allegation made against them was not maintainable and they are in no way accountable for manufacturing defects.

“Our relationship with the complainant is very much limited and we cannot be held liable for manufacturing defects in the Dishwasher. The guarantee comes from the manufacturer,” said the official statement of Bajaj Electronics.

Meanwhile, IFB accused the complainant of making the machine non-functional. It said the complainant was not following the manual and the machine’s performance is dependent on the softness of water that is used.

“There is no fault on our part. And hence, we are not liable to refund the amount,” the IFB statement said.

In her response, the complainant maintained, “In order to use the machine as per the specifications mentioned in the user manual, I, in fact, purchased articles like salt and other soluble worth of Rs. 7,110. Even though I followed all the instructions the utensils were not cleaned properly.”

Observing the arguments of both parties the forum said, “In view of the table shown in Page. No.13 of the user manual it is clear that the machine can be used even with hard water in specific positions in various hardness levels indicated in it.”

The forum thus dismissed the arguments of the opposite parties.

It further directed both parties to together pay a combined amount of Rs 50,000 for deficiency in rendering services and indulging in unfair trade practice.

Dheeshma Puzhakkal

Dheeshma Puzhakkal is currently a Reporter with Newsmeter. An alumnus of Hyderabad Central University, she has interned with Greater Kashmir newspaper and NDTV. Dheeshma has also made short films and documentaries. Her documentary ‘Still I Rise’, which is based on sex-trafficking in Hyderabad’s Old City, has earned accolades in several film festivals, such as International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kerala (IDSFFK). An avid foodie, she loves to travel and listen to stories that others tell. Photography is one of her all-time interests. She has extensively written on satellite-based journalism, health, consumer, and data stories besides covering anti-crime investigative agencies.

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