Bathini family cancels distribution of free fish prasadam this year

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 May 2020 5:16 PM GMT
Bathini family cancels distribution of free fish prasadam this year

Hyderabad: The Bathini family will not distribute its traditional fish medicine (prasadam), that reportedly cures asthma, this year in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, said Bathini Harinath Goud. The family distributes the medicine free of cost during the mrigasira karthi every year in Hyderabad.

This year, the Bathini family medicine was scheduled to be distributed on 8 and 9 June, and arrangements had been made for the same. Mr Harinath, in a message on 10 May, appealed to the public to note the changes and to stay home and social distancing.

Mr Harinath said the family has been distributing the traditional medicines for around 175 years without fail but due to the current situation, the distribution had been cancelled this year. The medicine will not be distributed even if the lockdown, which will be in force till 29 May, is lifted or extended.

He said people from all over the country and different parts of the world are eagerly waiting for the medicine. The video message was to inform all those people not to come to Hyderabad for the medicine, he said, adding people should not believe rumours about distribution of medicine and also to report any such fake news to the Bathini family or the police.

Earlier, four people were arrested by the Jubilee Hills police in Hyderabad for allegedly selling fake medicine for Corona virus under the Bathini family name. The accused, Bathini Raj Kumar, N. Uday Bhaskar, Satish Reddy, and M. Mahindra, were cheating people under the guise of a potential cure for Corona virus. The accused claimed that the medicine was invented by the Bathini brothers and had distributed it. They were also marketing the product on various digital platforms.

The medicine, NATUR COVID ABHAYA, was manufactured by a fake firm SEEV Nature Products at Secunderabad and each pack cost Rs. 285. The makers claimed that the medicine should be consumed three times a day.

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