Bheeshma review: A decent family entertainer with a few laughs

By Kiran KS  Published on  21 Feb 2020 12:38 PM GMT
Bheeshma review: A decent family entertainer with a few laughs

Duration: 150 mins

Director: Venky Kudumula

Cast: Nithiin, Rashmika Mandanna, Anant Nag, Jisshu Sengupta, Samapth Raj, Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji, Naresh and others

Music: Swara Sagar Mahathi

Rating: 2.75

Recently, a popular meme has been doing the rounds that if filmmakers run out of ideas, they make farming issues the plot of their films. Well, this seems to be true in the case of Venky Kudumula’s ‘Bheeshma’. The film’s central idea is organic farming but it does little justice to it. However, what works for the film is the engaging screenplay. The director cleverly weaves comedy into a wafer-thin story and executes it well.

The film is about Bheeshma (Nithiin), a frustrated singleton and a graduate dropout, whose repeated attempts to woo a girl always fall flat. However, cupid strikes when he meets Chaitra (Rashmika). In a strange turnaround of events, he is noticed by Bheeshma (Ananth Nag) the founder of an organic farming company. The rest of the story depicts his association with him and how Bheeshma wins Chaitra’s heart.

At the outset, the story looks inane but the quirky humour makes it a good watch. Watch out for the humorous WhatsApp conversation between Bheeshma and Deva (Sampath Raj). However, a few body-shaming jokes may not go down well with the audience. The film follows the typical template of a commercial pot-boiler with songs, dances, and randomly-placed fight sequences.

As for the performances, Nithiin does well as a carefree youngster who eventually takes up his responsibilities. Rashmika, after a rather forgettable role in ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’, makes a good impression. It's refreshing to see a female lead who is independent and doesn’t merely play the hero’s love interest. Although the love story itself doesn’t make much of an impact, she shares good on-screen chemistry with Nithiin.

Ananth Nag puts on a nuanced performance. However, the film mainly works because of Vennela Kishore and Raghu Babu’s comic timing. The duo, along with Nithiin, makes even some ordinary scenes look interesting. Raghavan (Jisshu Sengupta) as the antagonist begins well but is let down by lackluster writing towards the climax. Sampath, Naresh, and Brahmaji do well in their respective roles.

Although Mahati Swara Sagar’s background music is good, the songs could have been better. ‘Singles Anthem’ stands out among the other songs, while the energetic dance number ‘Whattey Beauty’ which reminds you of songs like ‘Rowdy Baby’ and ‘Butta Bomma’ is well choreographed.

The film has it’s dull moments with it’s writing and predictable moments. Venky Kudumula, who made his mark with his first film ‘Chalo’, sticks to his strengths once again. Although he makes a point or two about soil, land, and staying connected to nature, it doesn’t really strike an emotional chord among the audience.

If you are one of those, who wants to grab some popcorn, have some laughs over the weekend and don’t mind some absurd logic thrown at you, ‘Bheeshma’ will not disappoint.

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