Hyderabad: On Saturday’s episode of Big Boss Telugu 4, host Nagarjuna expressed his anger on the inmates. Nagarjuna was upset that the housemates were playing a safe game by not considering the nominations procedure seriously. So, he introduced a task ‘Hero & Zero’.

Every inmate individually picked one person as a hero and another person as a zero in the house. The task went on a serious note. Devi Nagavalli and Lasya chose Amma Rajasekhar as zero. Devi told Nagarjuna that his comedy was crossing limits at times. Lasya, too mentioned the same and added another point. Lasya found fault with Rajasekhar putting an extra cushion to Devi’s belly as part of a photoshoot task.

Amma Rajasekhar broke into tears upon hearing this. He felt that the reason Lasya mentioned was cheap. Amma Rajasekhar was worried instantly that it could send wrong indications to the public. He requested Nagarjuna to send him out of the house. All the other housemates, including Gangavva, consoled him.

However, Devi stood up for Amma Rajasekhar. She said that she did not feel uncomfortable with what Rajasekhar did. Devi also complimented Amma Rajasekhar that he is the most genuine person in the house. But, whatever Lasya and Devi pointed out disturbed Amma Rajasekhar and it took a lot of time for him to get back to normal.

Even at the end of the episode, he did not come out to give a send-off to Karate Kalyani but limited himself to the bedroom.

Nagarjuna mentioned that it is going to be a double elimination this time. Karate Kalyani is the second contestant to come out of the house. As per our sources, Bigg Boss will eliminate Harika on Sunday, but she will be sent to a secret room.

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