Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Chaos continues in house, courtesy Vanitha

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  5 Sep 2019 12:01 PM GMT
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Chaos continues in house, courtesy Vanitha

Hyderabad: The Bigg Boss 3 Tamil house witnessed some exciting turn of events, the war of words and emotions running high. Ever since Vanitha re-entered the house as wild card entrant, there has been trouble. Now with her repeatedly calling Sherin's friendship with Tharshan as a love affair, it was all hell breaking loose between Vanitha and Shrein.

The promotion of the episode that is to be aired today showed Sherin giving Vanitha her piece of mind. According to promos released today, Vanitha takes a jibe at Sherin calling her friendship with Tharshan as an affair. A shocked Sherin raises her voice and questions Vanitha of speaking lie after lie. She even shouted at her as to why she was trying to tarnish their image when there is nothing like between them. The subsequent visuals showed Sherin breaking in tears and consoled by Cheran. And Tharshan sitting alone in sorrow.

The house has been witnessing some drama with regard to Kavin and Losliya and their alleged romance over the past few weeks. And Vanitha was at it again there adding fuel to fire. The situation went out of control when inmates evicted earlier (Mohan Vaidya, Sakshi and Abirami) re-entered as guests. Sakshi taking on Kavin and Mohan Vaidya cautiously staying away from Kavin and Sandy has made things worse.

Today's episode would be interesting as Sherin and Vanitha lock horns.

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