Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Sherin's letter to Tharshan

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Sep 2019 8:55 AM GMT
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Sherins letter to Tharshan

Chennai: The Bigg Boss 3 Tamil house saw former participants Mahat Raghavendra and Yashika Anand entering the house for a day as guests in the last episode which aired on Tuesday. Interestingly they had some funny interaction with the inmates including Tharshan, Mugen, Sandy, Kavin, Sandy, Losliya and Sherin.

Call it a surprise when Mahat repeatedly urged contestants not to get diverted and concentrate on the tasks as the show's climax neared. Annoyed, Kavin later interacted with Losliya and wondered whether his alleged romance with Losliya was still a talking point.

Meanwhile, the guests urged participants to perform a few tasks. They crowned Tharshan as the emperor and assigned every contestant a task. Interestingly Sherin was asked to write a letter to an inmate in the house and promised her that it would not be shown to that person. However after she penned it, they announced that they would reveal the letter to the individual.

Annoyed with this turn of events, Sherin tore the letter to pieces and dumped it in a dustbin.

But being the emperor of the house, Tharshan got hold of the same, pieced it together and read it. On being asked why she tore it, Sherin shot back saying that she doesn't want to take it seriously now. However, in the past episodes, we have seen Tharshan and Sherin developing a soft corner for each other during the tasks.

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