Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Why did Kasthuri prefer exit over secret room?

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Aug 2019 9:44 AM GMT
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Why did Kasthuri prefer exit over secret room?

Chennai: Veteran actress Kasthuri, who was eliminated last night from Bigg Boss 3 Tamil, was given an option to stay in a secret room and return to the house the next week. But the actress politely refused the offer and chose to walk out of the show after being eliminated.

As the weekend episode began, Kamal Haasan, the host was very vociferous and adviced every contestant to concentrate on the game and how it should be played rather than grouping up with friends inside. He suggested that the inmates play to their fullest potential.

When the time came for elimination, it was Kasthuri who was voted out by the public.

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As she walked out of the house to share the dais with Kamal Haasan, the latter gave her an option. He asked her if she was interested in going to the secret room to watch the proceedings from there and return the next week. But an emotional Kasthuri chose to leave the show as she was desperate to catch up with her daughter, who is down with a prolonged illness. It caught everyone by surprise.

Kasthuri said, "Had Bigg Boss not aired the audio clip of my daughter inside the house, she would not have become desperate to meet her. My daughter is more important than me staying here." she said. With her exit, she ended her 17 days stay in Bigg Boss house.

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