Bigg Boss: Devi Nagavalli likely to be eliminated in 3rd week

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Sep 2020 7:30 AM GMT
Bigg Boss: Devi Nagavalli likely to be eliminated in 3rd week

Hyderabad: Suryakiran and Karate Kalyani were eliminated from the Bigg Boss house in the first two weeks. On Friday, third wild card contestant Swathi Deekshith entered the house. Kumar Sai and Avinash were the first two wild-card contestants in the house. Sources said that Devi Nagavalli will be the third inmate to come out of Bigg Boss house in Season 4.

In the third week, a total of seven members have been included in the list of nominees likely to be eliminated. While Captain Noel included Lasy in the list directly, Kalyani, before leaving the house, dropped a Bigg Bomb on Devi Nagavalli resulting in her name to also get included in the list. Apart from these two, Mehaboob, Ariyana, Monal, Kumar Sai and Harika are also among those in the list.

According to sources, Mehaboob was supposed to come out of the house in the third week but, a few last-minute changes resulted in the elimination of Devi Nagavalli from the house. Both Mehaboob and Devi Nagavalli failed to perform well during the Ukku Hrudayam task in the third week. However, it looks like the axe fell on Devi Nagavalli.

Devi Nagavalli tried to give her best in the house by not taking any sides. She performed all the tasks with a strategy but, during the Ukku Hrudayam, she was the first to be thrown out of it as she could not fare well in any other activity related to the task. In Saturday's episode, Devi Nagavalli told host Nagarjuna that the inmates eliminated her from the task because she is sharp and strong.

Let us wait for the Sunday’s episode in which the official announcement would be made on the third week's elimination.

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