Bigg Boss Episode 12: Teary-eyed Gangavva wants to go home

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  18 Sep 2020 4:22 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Episode 12: Teary-eyed Gangavva wants to go home

Hyderabad: YouTube sensation and 'My Village Show' host Gangavva is one of the famous faces in Bigg Boss house. Her presence in the house is a significant advantage for the show organizers. Gangavva enjoys a huge fan base on social media and some people watch the show only for her.

Although she entered nominations in the first week, her fans saved her from the elimination. However, Gangavva is unable to adjust to the new atmosphere. In Thursday's episode, she fell ill and appealed to Bigg Boss to allow her to exit the show.

Gangavva does not know her real age as there is no record of her birth. She hails from Lambadipally village in Telangana. Her son-in-law Srikanth started a Youtube channel, and she became a part of it. Almost all the videos that she featured in went viral on social media. She also acted in a couple of movies and participated in promotional interviews of several films. She signed up for Bigg Boss with a hope to stay in the house for at least two months.

In the confession room, Gangavva requested Bigg Boss to allow her to leave the show. Gangavva explained to Bigg Boss about her joint pains with tears in her eyes. It was a heart-wrenching moment for all the viewers to see Gangavva breaking down.

Bigg Boss listened to her patiently and consoled her by saying that she is a strong woman. Gangavva told him that everyone is taking great care of her, but she is unable to adjust. Immediately, Bigg Boss sent a doctor to the medical room to treat Gangavva.

On the other hand, there are reports on social media that Gangavva might exit from the show this weekend or next week.

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