Bigg Boss Episode 18: Abhijeet was a game changer in 'Ukku Hrudayam' task

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  24 Sep 2020 3:54 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Episode 18: Abhijeet was a game changer in Ukku Hrudayam task

Hyderabad: On Wednesday's episode, the 'Ukku Hrudayam' task generated a lot of entertainment. The humans turned aggressive over the Robots who played the game tactfully.

Abhijeet, who failed to put an effort yesterday, was the game-changer in the new episode. He plotted a kidnap plan and executed it perfectly.

Divi Vadthya fell into Robots’ trap and entered the house. As planned, the Robots team locked Divi inside. Later, Abhijeet and Harika got themselves charged to improve their battery life. Team Robots tactfully executed their plan, but team Humans failed to confront them. Ukku Hrudayam

Team Humans raised the voice on the rival team and broke down emotionally. They thought team Robots were attacking Divi inside. However, Divi enjoyed the task and cooperated with the Robots as she had no other choice.

Sohel Ryan, Mehaboob, and Akhil lost temper, which made no sense. Without understanding the game, they became the reason for the Robots team to execute the kidnap plan.

When Bigg Boss allowed Team Humans inside, they made pointless arguments with Team Robots. Without discussing the progress of the game, they argued over kidnapping Divi. However, Divi made it clear to her team members that team Robots did not hurt her. Ukku Hrudayam

The task is still in progress. We have to see if Team Humans can bounce back and gain upper hand. Ukku Hrudayam

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