After Bigg Boss Telugu 3 contestant Rohini was shown exit, a few contestants seem to have become a bit vulnerable. With the nominations tensions and survival tasks, a few contestants are behaving weirdly at Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house.

Baba Bhaskar, who is often termed as the most entertaining person in Bigg Boss house seems to have gotten emotional lately. After the week's nominations, Baba Bhaskar appeared dull and even broke down into tears after Srimukhi tried to have a conversation with him.

Ali, who nominated Baba Bhaskar tried to communicate and resolve the problem. During this conversation, Mahesh Vitta, who is one of the closest persons to Baba Bhaskar tried to intervene. Ali lost his control and asked Mahesh Vitta to stop manipulating Baba Bhaskar.

"I am talking to Baba. Why are you trying to manipulate? Please stay away,” Ali warned Mahesh Vitta. Contrary to this, Mahesh Vitta is seen saying that he just wanted to make Baba Bhaskar understand as he is not too familiar with Telugu.

Ali and Mahesh Vitta are seen having a verbal spat over the same. Srimukhi, on the other hand, appears to be playing a double-faced drama too. However, the audience hopes that host Nagarjuna will address these issues in the weekend episodes.

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