Hyderabad: After Shilpa Chakravarthy’s wildcard entry, a Bulgary task is being played for the luxury budget in Bigg Boss house.

With two teams, Bigg Boss Telugu 3 contestants were focused on the task so much that each member involved aggressively in the task. Despite Bigg Boss’ instructions to avoid physical violence, it appears like a few members became physical.

Himaja, Ali, Rahul, and Ravi Kanth were the contestants who appeared fierce during the task including Srimukhi. When Bigg Boss asked the housemates to mention two names of the most aggressive persons, Rahul and Ravi Kanth were named.

Bigg Boss had suggested that the duo who were responsible for the task to get disqualified were sent to jail. Ali, who voted against Ravi was seen weeping for sending his friend Ravi to the jail.

Meanwhile, Ravi Kanth and Rahul were sad for being punished, though they took it in a sportive way. The duo was given special jail food, which had no salt or taste. The housemates aren’t allowed to give any eatables to the jailed housemates.

Priyanka Kanoj

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