Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 47: Baba turns bad boy

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  7 Sep 2019 6:23 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 47: Baba turns bad boy

Hyderabad: After Baba Bhaskar won the captaincy task in the previous episode, he appeared a bit disturbed. Baba Bhaskar was seen feeling bad for being captain and told his housemates that he wasn't interested in being captain. Sreemukhi, who is responsible for Baba Bhaskar's bad mood, apologized to him.

Sreemukhi mentioned that she had shown her anger on Baba Bhaskar and him to forgive her. Following that Baba Bhaskar was seen having a conversation with Mahesh, Ali and Rahul in the garden area. Ali and Rahul picked Baba Bhaskar up on their shoulders and took him to the living area, where all the housemates were gathered to discuss the rules set by their newest captain.

Baba has set new rules in the Bigg Boss household, asking the housemates not to call him the captain for the week. He also said that they were free to do whatever they wanted and allowed them to have Appy Fizz. On a witty note, Baba Bhaskar was also seen assigning tasks to the housemates.

Sreemukhi is now a target for Baba Bhaskar, as he made her clean the furniture in the garden area. He even tried to tease her by making the boys sit on the furniture while she was cleaning. Baba Bhaskar went to the gate and asked the watchman to send a case of beer and snacks for the boys as he had become the captain.

The episode turned emotional after the housemates received food from their respective families and read out the notes sent to them by their families.

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