Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Friends become enemies

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 Sep 2019 8:26 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Friends become enemies

Hyderabad: Telugu's biggest reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu-3 tag line says, “Anything can happen here.” Silly quarrels and cat-fights is common in the house. But, what happens when friends become enemies? Well, the show has remained true to its tag line, anything can happen here!

Contestants ganging up in the house is nothing new and this has always been pointed out by other contestants. Rahul Sipligunj, Varun Sandesh, Punarnavi, and Vithika Sheru are termed as a 'gang' in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. They are seen spoon-feeding each other, supporting and saving each other during nominations, and also standing up against the other contestants during quarrels in the house.

Now that the game has reached a point where individual existence matters, it appears that the contestants have begun taking off their masks. Rahul Sipligunj, Varun Sandesh, Punarnavi, and Vithika Sheru who were under the mask of friendship all these days are now individually defending themselves.

In yesterday's captaincy task, Varun Sandesh and Rahul Sipligunj landed in a fight. Both, appeared so aggressive, that the bond which was formed these past days seemed to have faded. Punarnavi takes Rahul Sipligunj's side while Vithinka defends against them.

Rahul who became aggressive in the game, had pointed out that Vithika had intentionally pinched him during a task. Varun Sandesh lost his temper and argued that it was Rahul who had physically attacked first. Vithika intervenes and the situation only gets worse. Varun Sandesh taunts Rahul on his previous mistakes and Rahul is seen getting upset.

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