Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Nagarjuna fires on Ali Reza for his rude behaviour

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 Aug 2019 3:42 PM GMT
Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Nagarjuna fires on Ali Reza for his rude behaviour

Hyderabad :With each passing day, Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is gaining a wider viewership. With Nagarjuna as the host, the weekend episodes are filled with fun programmes and engaging activities. However the episode that will be telecasted today has a serious note.

In today's promos, Nagarjuna is seen schooling Ali Reza. "Your dressing sense is perfect Ali. But you seriously lack common sense. Is this the way to speak to a lady?".

In the week’s captaincy task, the Bigg Boss housemates were given a robbery task in which they were given a certain amount of money and some jewellery. Some housemates who were given charge of the Bigg Boss house's living area decided to collect money from other housemates for the facilities.

Himaja who played the role of an advocate in the task went into the living area and drank water without playing money to Ali Reza, who kept on demanding money from her. At one moment, Ali Reza tried to forcefully pull the money out of Himaja's pocket, as a reflex she kicked him in the spur of the moment.

Ali Reza lost his cool and had a big fight with Himaja. All the while, Himaja kept trying to tell him that it was her reflex action when she was touched, but Ali gave her a deaf ear.

It is expected that Nagarjuna will warn Tamanna Simhadri, Rahul Sipliguj, Vithika, and the other housemates as they verbally attacked the other housemates during the week.

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