Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Sreemukhi being punished is unfair

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  9 Aug 2019 7:19 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Sreemukhi being punished is unfair

Hyderabad : Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has grabbed decent viewership and the participants are deeply involved in the reality game show. Tollywood's 'King' Nagarjuna as the host, Bigg Boss Telugu 3 seems to have created ripples with great TRP ratings too.

While the game has begun and the participants are being judged by the audience for their performances on the show, it appears like a few participants are involved in targetting the other contestants.

Serial actor Ravikanth who entered the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house with full positive energy, has been targeted by his co-contestant Tamanna Simhadri. Though this issue seems to be settling down in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house now, his injury during a task has become a bigger headache.

The makers of Bigg Boss had given a robbery task in which Sreemukhi, Ashu Reddy and Ravikanth were to break into the treasury of the other mates to acquire a place in captaincy nominations. Sreemukhi who played the game with sportiveness broke the treasure box which is made of glass.

As a result of Sreemukhi's deed, Ravikanth who got over-excited hit the glass box and hurt himself. Vithika who was all interested in hiding off the task money started over-reacting and blaming Sreemukhi for this. It is to be observed that Vithika was only concerned about hiding the treasure in the start.

Soon after Vithika hid the money, she returned to the hall only to blame Sreemukhi for Ravikanth's injury. Though Sreemukhi stayed calm, Vithika and her gang members Rahul, Punarnavi, and Varun Sandesh started blaming Sreemukhi. Punarnavi and Rahul went further and spoke low of Sreemukhi's character.

In yesterday's episode, Sreemukhi was subjected to punishment by Bigg Boss for damaging the house property. Sreemukhi is in the nominations for the upcoming week's eliminations as a punishment.
Some of the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 audience is wondering why Bigg Boss had to punish Sreemukhi for playing the task with utmost interest. What else did the makers expect the thieves to do in the task, is the question now.

"What did the creative team of Bigg Boss have in mind when they formulated a robbery task? The thieves can rob only of they break into the houses right? Sreemukhi was the one who played the task with full energy. It is not right that she is being punished for playing the task so well", wrote a tweep regarding Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

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