Anything can happen in the Bigg Boss house. It was proved once again when Devi Nagavalli’s had to exit the house. On Sunday, Nagarjuna announced that Devi Nagavalli got fewer votes and it came as a surprise.

Devi Nagavalli never lost her temper in the house. She interacted with everyone without any inhibitions. She never exhibited any bias towards the inmates. She performed all the tasks with perfection. She walked the extra mile to help others with the task. She was never involved in any arguments and always made her stand clear. Inmates also considered Devi as one of the strong competitors in the house. She never expressed low confidence levels.

Every Saturday, social media goes crazy over Bigg Boss elimination. The info was leaked for the third week too. Mehboob’s name came out first. Everyone thought that Mehaboob would have to leave the house. However, it was Devi who became the third inmate to exit.

Devi performed much better than others in the third week. Despite that, she got fewer votes.

Whatever it may be, Devi received an excellent farewell from the house. She also saved Ariyana from getting into the nominations in the fourth week.

With Devi’s exit, there are 16 contestants in the Bigg Boss house now.

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