Hyderabad: Sohel Ryan is working hard to complete the new task in Bigg Boss house. He is in the eliminations this week and wants to win the task in order to be in the safe zone.

Sohel silently stole the coins of other inmates when they were sleeping. On Tuesday, Sohel lost his temper multiple times in the game. Bigg Boss passed the instruction that inmates should play the game individually and not join hands with others.

However, Sohel teamed up with Mehaboob to collect as many coins as possible to win the task. When everyone went to sleep, Sohel and Mehaboob stole the coins of Amma Rajasekhar, which he concealed under the bed.

Later, they stole coins from Noel, Sujatha, Avinash, and others. Sohel picked up arguments with Divi, Abhijeet, and others. Everybody was angry after finding that Sohel stole the coins.

During the second level of the task, all the inmates targeted Sohel Ryan. Sohel objected and it made Amma Rajasekhar angry. They almost picked up a fight. Avinash got injured during the task, and everyone’s attention got diverted.

Sohel and Mehaboob have the most number of coins, but as per our sources, they are not going to win the game on Thursday. Kumar Sai Pampanais going to become the captain of the house, as per our sources.

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