BB Hotel is the new task that Bigg Boss has given to the inmates on Tuesday. Bigg Boss called Avinash to the confession room and assigned a secret task. If he succeeds in performing the task, he will get a chance to compete for captaincy in the house.

According to the task, Abhijeet is the hotel manager and Avinash is the assistant manager. Bigg Boss instructed Avinash to be a part of the hotel staff but play for the guests.

When Bigg Boss explained it to Avinash, he was initially not happy. But, later he came to terms with it.

The first level of the BB hotel task concluded a funny note. So far, all the inmates were involved in carrying out the task. Avinash is at his usual best by generating fun.

On one side, he is entertaining the inmates and on the other he is silently planning to execute the secret task. Avinash is not taking the instructions of the guests and secretly spoiling the dishes prepared for the guests.

Netizens on Twitter felt that Bigg Boss did the right thing by selecting Avinash for the secret task. If it was anyone else, they would have felt nervous. Avinash is playing the task cleverly.


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