Hyderabad: In the fifth week of Bigg Boss Telugu, nine members have been nominated for elimination. Now, NewsMeter has found that Sujatha has been eliminated this week while Gangavva has left the Bigg Boss house due to ill health.

Actor Nagarjuna Akkineni, the host of the popular reality show, had claimed on Saturday that the show garnered five crore votes in the first week and eight crores by the end of the fifth week, making it one of the most popular shows on TV right now. In fact, Nagarjuna has claimed that Bigg Boss is the world’s biggest reality show and that the Telugu show always exceeds expectations.

Gangavva had entered the Bigg Boss house with the hopes of winning the money to build a house in her village. Despite her age-related illness, she managed to survive in the house for five weeks. Earlier, she had requested Bigg Boss to send her back but Bigg Boss had convinced her to continue in the house. However, she fell sick this week and the doctors who examined her suggested sending her out of the house. On Saturday’s episode, Bigg Boss allowed Gangavva to leave. Usually, this does not happen on the show, but Bigg Boss took this decision considering her ill health.

There is no change in the elimination round for the fifth week. On Saturday, Nagarjuna announced that Sohel and Akhil are in the safe zone. Nagarjuna will reveal the name of the eliminated contestant on Sunday. NewsMeter has learned that Sujatha has been eliminated from the show. We had predicted the same earlier.

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