Hyderabad: The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 show have been releasing some unseen videos on their Youtube channel ever since the beginning of the show. In the most recent video, Shiva Jyothi was seen warning Ali Reza not to touch or pinch her while they are relaxing on the couch in the living area.

However, Ali, who is in a perky mood, continues to irritate Shiva Jyothi by pinching her in a funny way. Shiva Jyothi is seen cursing Ali Reza in her Telangana dialect. The whole scene is being watched by Ravi Kanth who is sitting beside them, laughing at their silly deeds.

While this was going on, Baba Bhaskar arrives at Shiva Jyothi, attacking her with a pillow. Shiva Jyothi is seen defending herself by climbing on the couch and tables and fighting with Baba Bhaskar. Srimukhi is seen sitting in the living area watching the whole act, without interfering.

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