Bigil controversy: Congress comes to Vijay's defence

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Sep 2019 11:08 AM GMT
Bigil controversy: Congress comes to Vijays defence

Chennai: The Congress has come to the defence of actor Vijay in regards to the controversy over the audio launch of the film ‘Bigil’ in the premises of an educational institution in Chennai.

The higher education department issued a notice to the Sri Sai Ram Engineering College in Chennai seeking clarification on how permissions were given to hold the audio launch of ‘Bigil’ in the premises of the educational institute.

In a press release, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president K.S. Alagiri has urged the higher education department to take back the notice or face repercussions.

The Congress leader said that the function was not held inside the college premises, but in the auditorium located outside the college. Mr Alagiri said, “AIADMK leaders and state ministers misunderstood Vijay’s remarks. They thought that his remarks were targeted against them and hence this reaction from them.”

He went on to say that Vijay is apolitical and does not belong to any party. He never named anyone and spoke only about the happenings that affected people. Unfortunately, the AIADMK is seeing it red.

Mr Alagiri said, “In many colleges, including Law Colleges, politicians, heads of government have been invited in the past and have spoken about politics. ‘Bigil’ audio launch was a film function and not political. Needlessly they issued a notice to the college.”

He recalled a similar act of vendetta which was carried out on Stella Maris College when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had visited the college and interacted with students.

Alagiri warned that earlier the notice is withdrawn, it is better.

At the audio launch of ‘Bigil’, Vijay had said, “'It’s only when people place the right persons for the appropriate positions, everything will be alright. People with the right skills must be employed in each industry. You can’t entrust a person who knows how to braid flowers to a fireworks shop.”

Vijay had also said that it was unfortunate that we lost R. Subasri who was run over by a water tanker in Pallikaranai, after an illegal banner fell on her.

He said, “Though the lorry driver and the banner maker have been arrested. But, the people who should be behind bars are still roaming free.”

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