BJP confident of official ‘Telangana Liberation Day’ from 2020

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  20 Sep 2019 1:09 PM GMT
BJP confident of official ‘Telangana Liberation Day’ from 2020

Hyderabad: With the TRS government allowing meetings and rallies on September 17, BJP has turned more confident saying that they’ll build up pressure on Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to declare an official Liberation Day of Telangana state by next year. The saffron party considers that it has scored a big victory by forcing KCR to change his stance on September 17 this time around.

BJP’s Chief Spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao held a meeting with state official spokespersons at the BJP state headquarters on Friday. BJP leaders reviewed the outcome of the party’s demand for September 17 to be declared as an official ‘Liberation Day’ of Telangana State. BJP Telangana unit President Dr Laxman, former governor of Maharashtra Ch Vidya Sagar Rao, National Executive member N Indrasena Reddy were the chief guests at the review meeting.

The meeting concluded that pressure from BJP forced KCR to thaw his previous aggressive stand against September 17, which prohibited rallies, processions and large gatherings to the current ‘free for all’ position, to celebrate the historic milestone. Saagar Rao stated that BJP would certainly build enough pressure by next year on KCR to declare September 17 as ‘Telangana Liberation Day’.

“While KCR is trying to underplay the change in his stance on September 17, it’s a fact that he has given up his confrontational approach on this historical demand and openly declared that anyone can celebrate the day and allowed all permissions for rallies and meetings across the state. BJP has forced him with public opinion and the party’s coordinated effort to make it an issue of Telangana’s self-respect,” said Saagar Rao.

BJP raised a question on why this generosity and kindness was missing from 2014 until 2019. BJP feels that KCR is now in his weakest position ever, and the CM understands it. He is in no position to afford a confrontation with BJP on this issue. The latter strongly believes that KCR is facing a series of political defeats since the 2019 general elections.

The CM’s plans for an alternate front failed, so did his ambition of winning 16 seats. His plans to make KTR CM failed, and so did his plan to sideline and politically finish Harish Rao. KCR is facing a revolt within the party against his hegemony, and he is incapable of acting against this revolt. KCR’s recent red-faced defeat was when he had to remove his face, and the party logo etched on Yadadri’s temple pillars.

The series of defeats highlight visible weakening of KCR and his TRS party in Telangana, Rao said.

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