BJP-JSP alliance will initially aim at  local bodies’ elections:  Pawan Kalyan

Vijayawada: In a span of  eight months, since  Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy led  YSRCP came into power in  Andhra Pradesh, two political parties have  joined hands giving rise to  BJP-JSP alliance. Actor turned politician and chief of  Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan, on Thursday shared the dais with BJP leaders in AP and announced a new alliance envisaged  to combat the ruling YSRCP, with a common minimum programme (CMP) to go for 2024 polls, together.

With BJP-JSP joining hands, the message is loud and clear that the Saffron that has no charismatic face in AP has embraced the actor to make inroads. The actor announced that their alliance will initially aim at  local bodies’ elections, ‘as a preparatory exercise’. Their next target would be the  2024 elections and   will emerge as the third alternative in the State, Pawan Kalyan said .

Blaming  the TDP for the special status issue, the JSP Chief Pawan Kalyan  analysed that TDP lost the right of demanding special status, as it has agreed for special package. He also demanded 20 member team of YSRCP MPs, to take equal responsibility for the said issue. The JSP President stated that by setting up of High Court in Kurnool, Rayalaseema the area  won’t see any development. Pawan Kalyan has also stated that TDP miserably failed in extending its support to the farmers.

On asking about his  inclination towards the left parties, Pawan Kalyan  clarified that he didn’t have any commitment towards them and  worked with the BJP  even before joining hands with  the Left parties.

Pawan Kalyan seems to have his thoughts for CAA intact before he appeared for the  BJP-RSS  press conference . While speaking to reporters, he claimed to  study  the research papers published by Shyam Prasad Mukherjee Institute. The actor  alleged that Pakistan has violated the agreement of taking care of the minorities by the respective Governments of India and Pakistan, after the division of the Country. He questioned the Left parties as to what they did, to rescue the Hindu minorities residing in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

However, Pawan Kalyan has evaded several questions posed by the correspondents , like what prompted him to join hands with BJP, in so much hurry. Speaking on the alliance of BJP and JSP, the YSRCP has questioned the necessity of third alternative in the State. 

Patri Vasudevan

Patri Vasudevan, is a senior journalist, worked with both visual and print media. He has 22 years’ experience in journalism. He has expertise in war zone reporting. Covered LTTE stories in Sri Lanka, and Nandigram & Lalgarh are best assignments, during his stint with TV9 and Sakshi TV at New Delhi. Vasudevan also served Deccan Chronicle, and filed good number of political investigative stories. As an RTI activist, Vasudevan could able to elicit frauds in the banking sector, and wrote number of interesting stories on as to how parking funds are misused.

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