BJP demands Telangana govt to rename Nizamabad as Indur

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 Aug 2019 12:30 PM GMT
BJP demands Telangana govt to rename Nizamabad as Indur

Hyderabad: The recently sworn-in Telangana BJP MP Arvind Dharampuri from Nizamabad district wants to rename the name of the Lok Sabha constituency to ‘Induru.’

Claiming the present name ‘Nizamabad’ as unlucky, the BJP lawmaker stated that, “Locals are demanding to change the name of Nizamabad to Induru. People feel that Nizamabad name is in-auspicious for the district. People's sentiments are connected with Induru as it is related to Hindus and India. People are saying that changing the name will change the fate of the district.”

While speaking at an event in Nizamabad, MP Arvind said, “We used to have a nice name in Induru. 'Ind' from India and 'Indu' from Hindustan was part of the name. Ever since we kept the Nizam's name, things have gone downhill.”

“The Nizamsagar project has dried up, the Nizam Sugar Factory has been shut down and in Nizamabad, farmers are not benefitting. If we want a good future, we must remove the name Nizamabad and replace it with Induru,” Arvind further said.

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