BJP MLA Raja Singh asked not to travel on a bike citing threat

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 Aug 2020 5:36 AM GMT
BJP MLA Raja Singh asked not to travel on a bike citing threat

Hyderabad: A letter from Hyderabad city police commissioner Anjani Kumar to BJP MLA from Goshamahal Raja Singh about threat perception has stoked a major controversy.

In his letter, Hyderabad city police commissioner Anjani Kumar has flagged a security threat to the MLA who is often seen riding a two-wheeler.

“Providing proper security to MLA is our top priority. It is to inform you that due to your threat perception, enhanced security has been provided to you, and security personnel are also being alerted and checked from time to time. Special training has been organized to all your PSOs,” Anjani Kumar wrote.

Kumar noted that it has been noticed that sometimes he was moving on a motorcycle which poses a grave security threat to him. “Therefore, your kind cooperation is solicited to ensure proper security. You may kindly completely avoid moving on motorcycles and travel by the BP car allotted. The government has provided this BP car only for your security,” he said.

Responding to the letter, Raja Singh asked the Telangana government and police department to identify the elements that are posing threat to him. Singh said that he would write to Union Home Minister Amit Shah about the issue.

“I was given this letter yesterday in person and advised that I should not use a bike while moving out and take additional precautions. I was also told that a few terror suspects have been caught and that my name was on their list. For the past few days, the security scenario has changed and the weapons of my security have also been replaced suddenly and antecedents of people near and around me are also being checked thoroughly,” Singh said in an audio message

Singh noted he will write to Telangana Home Minister and the Union Home Minister Amit Shah, apprising them about the security situation. Goshamahal MLA said he wanted to know the type of threat he was facing and from whom.

“If it was from any terrorist organization or some local elements or it is planned by some individuals,” he said.

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