Borewell tragedy : Grandfather had no permission, officials mulling action

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 May 2020 3:14 AM GMT
Borewell tragedy : Grandfather had no permission, officials mulling action

Hyderabad: Leaving the borewell uncovered has proved costly for Mangali Bikshapathi after his three-year-old grandson Sanjay Saivardhan slipped to death despite NDRF’s best efforts to pull him out safely at Podichanpally village in Medak district of Telangana. Medak district officials, confirmed that three borewells were dug sans permission and action against the family will follow.

Sanjay Saivardhan was playing in the field when he slipped and fell into an under-construction well at around 5 p.m on Wednesday. Medak deputy commissioner of police told NewsMeter that work on the borewell was incomplete.

Bikshapathi who owns the agricultural land on the outskirts of Podichanpally village had stopped farming two decades ago due to water scarcity and scanty rainfall.

Sanjay’s father Govardhan, who got stranded in the village due to the lockdown, thought to revive the farming to eke out the livelihood. Accordingly, they decided to dig a borewell. Starting from Tuesday night, they dug three wells, but could not source the groundwater.

Before leaving the place, they were supposed to cover the wells. Bikshapathi thought of covering it by thorny bushes, but he could not find any. As it was getting late, he gave up and left home with his wife, grandchildren. En route, Sanjay stepped on the loose soil at the opening of the well and slipped into it.

“I thought I could return to the field early in the morning and cover the well. His cries, calling me Tatayya, is still echoing in my ears,” said Bikshapathi.

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