CAA protests: Here are the countries that issued advisories on visiting India

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  6 Feb 2020 10:06 AM GMT
CAA protests: Here are the countries that issued advisories on visiting India

Hyderabad: While a critical majority of the earnings of Ministry of Tourism come from foreign tourists, what comes as a concern now is that some countries have issued advisories to their citizens visiting India over the on-going Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests.

Here is a list of the countries that have issued advisories to their citizens regarding their visits to India.

1. Australia – It has asked its citizens to follow Indian media as well as local authorities. It has asked them to be alert all the time, when they are in India.

2. Belgium- The country issued a general advisory asking their citizens to reach out to the Belgium consulate in case of any issues.

3. Canada – The citizens of the country have been asked to avoid visiting the north-eastern Indian states. It also asked its citizens to stay in safe places as internet and mobile communication services are being suspended.

4. China- China asked its citizens to avoid areas of demonstrations. It asked its citizens to give priority to their safety and security.

5. Malaysia – The country has used the advisory issued by China making slight changes. It said to its citizens, ‘Be Vigilant, first priority to your safety and security.’

6. New Zealand For New Zealand terrorism has been a biggest trouble. Every time it asks its citizens to be careful of terrorist activities in Indian cities like Mumbai and Delhi. For CAA protests it just asked its citizens to be cautious.

7. United Kingdom- Just like Australia, the UK government asked its citizens to monitor local media and listen to local authorities. It said that the citizens should allot more time for travelling as there are chances of them getting stuck. Earlier in December 2019, the UK issued special advisory for the women travellers stating that chances of assault against women are high in India.

Meanwhile, the revenue earned by Ministry of Tourism through foreign exchange increases every year. The department recently released a data it shows that in 2019 the ministry earned Rs.2,10,981 crore in the form of foreign exchange, while it was just Rs. 1,20,367 crore in 2014.

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