'Cauvery Calling' is the answer: Samantha Akkineni

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  13 Sep 2019 4:28 PM GMT
Cauvery Calling is the answer: Samantha Akkineni

Samantha Akkineni is one of the most happening heroines of South India. With her distinctive roles and her sassy off-screen attitude Samantha is always in the spotlight. Well, she is well-known for her philanthropy and generosity too.

It is a known fact that our underground water resources are drying out and there has been an outrage regarding the same. Stars and celebrities like Samantha Akkineni are being vocal and urging everyone to participate in 'Cauvery Calling' campaign.

'Cauvery Calling' is an initiative by Sadguru's Isha Foundation. It's target is to create awareness on how drastically our environment is responding to the pollution and damage created by humans. The main target of this campaign is to collect donations to plant as many as 10,000 plants near the Cauvery basin.

Samantha took her Twitter to do her part supporting this initiative along with a video. "Cauvery is calling .. will you respond .. donate here .. 1,00,000 trees .. You and I together .. we can do this #cauverycalling", Samantha's tweet read. Samantha urges her followers to donate for Cauvery Calling and become a part of this initiative to save water for coming years.

Isha Foundation's Sadguru responded to Samantha's tweet quoting it as, "Dear @Samanthaprabhu2, I hear from many youth that they are looking forward to your live message today for Mother Cauvery. It's my wish and blessing that you overachieve your target as a Cauvery Rakshak. This is the best gift we can offer to present & future generations. -Sg".

Actresses Lakshmi Manchu is doing her part in showing her support to save Cauvery along with other celebrities.

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