CBSE to promote all students from Classes I to VIII without final examination

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 April 2020 4:47 PM GMT
CBSE to promote all students from Classes I to VIII without final examination

Hyderabad: In view of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the country, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), on 1 April, decided to promote all students from Classes I to VIII to the next class following Union HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal's advice.

The Board has advised all schools which have not completed their examinations, evaluations, and promotion process for students in Classes IX and XI to promote them to the next class based on assessments, including projects, periodic tests, and term exams, conducted so far. Students not promoted this time can appear in school-based tests, online or offline.

On Wednesday, Mr Pokhriyal had tweeted, "In view of the current situation due to COVID19, I have advised @cbseindia29 to promote ALL students studying in classes I-VIII to the next class or grade. Students studying in classes IX & XI will be promoted to next class/grade based on the school-based assessments including projects, periodic tests, term exams, etc. conducted so far."

CBSE officials said it has become difficult for the Board to decide and announce the new schedule of examinations for Classes X and XII due to extraordinary circumstances. However, it will take a decision regarding the examinations only after extensive consultations with higher education authorities and by keeping all aspects related to entrance exams and admission dates in mind. The Board has informed that it will give notice of about 10 days to all stakeholders before conducting the examinations.

There are several CBSE schools located in 25 countries. Each of these countries is also under lockdown and/or has decided to close down the schools for various periods. Under such circumstances, the Board felt it was not in a position to hold different sets of exams for each of these countries. Due to the present situation, CBSE has decided to not hold any more exams for students of Classes X and XII outside India. It will work out a system of marking/assessment soon and inform these schools.

In an official statement, CBSE officials said, "Due to the present situation, the Board has not been able to continue its evaluation work. The Board will come out with further instructions for evaluating in the changed circumstances. These instructions and dates for the restart of evaluation work in various evaluation centres in the country can also not be announced at this stage. However, the Board will give 3-4 days’ notice to restart the evaluation work, which may be noted by all the chief nodal supervisors, head examiners, evaluators, coordinators, etc. of evaluation centers."

The Board will conduct examinations for only the main subjects required for promotion and which may be crucial for admissions to higher educational institutions. It will not hold examinations for the rest of the subjects and instructions for marking/assessment in all such cases shall be separately issued. The Board will conduct examinations for 29 subjects whenever it is in a position to hold the exams. The subjects include:

Dr Narsimha Reddy, principal of the Hyderabad Public School, Ramanthpur, told NewsMeter, "Most of the CBSE schools, including HPS Ramanthapur, have finished the examinations and the promotion process. Some schools could not conduct the exams and the best course for them is to promote students on the basis of their cumulative performance during the academic year."

Meanwhile, Anjali Razdan, the CEO of GD Goenka School, said, "Under the circumstances, this is the best solution for Classes I to IX and Class XI. It is fair to the students and brings us one step closer to ending this uncertainty. This will also justify the students' efforts if results are based on the average of their performance throughout the year rather than one final exam."

CBSE has requested all schools to ensure that this information is shared with all the students. To avoid misleading rumours, the Board has informed all stakeholders to only trust the official announcements made on the CBSE website. It has also requested stakeholders to check for the latest developments only on the official

website or its social media, i.e. CBSE's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook .

As a precautionary measure and in compliance with the instructions received from the secretary of the higher education department, CBSE had postponed all board examinations that were to be held between 19 and 31 March

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