Hyderabad: The Charminar police, on 6 March, detained six students of the English and Foreign Language University while they were collecting funds for Delhi riot victims as part of a campaign initiated by the university's student union.

EFLU student union vice-president Harshal told NewsMeter, “Six of our students, including one female student, were collecting funds for Delhi victims near the Macca Masjid. The police approached them and took them forcefully to the Charminar police station claiming they have no official permission to collect funds from the Charminar area.

When students showed the authorisation letter from the students' union, the police tore it saying that’s invalid.”

Meanwhile, reacting to the allegations raised by the students, inspector B. Guru Naidu said, “Charminar is a sensitive area and today it's juma Friday. So we wanted to maintain peace in the area at any cost. We have asked the students to inform the Charminar police station the next time they want to hold any such activity.”

The students were taken back to the university in a police van after they were detained for an hour.

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