Hyderabad: Chinmayi Sripaada is once again in the news as the nomination she filed for the Dubbing Union election’s President post has been dismissed by honourable retired judge Ravi, who is overseeing the elections. A few days ago, she filed the nomination and was hopeful that she would be able to contest in the election against Radha Ravi, who has been heading the Dubbing Union for about half a decade.

The singer and voice artist was furious at the decision and posted that she will take this issue legally. The judge had dismissed her petition saying that she is not eligible to contest according to the rules and byelaws of the Union. Earlier, she was banned by the Union after she took Radha Ravi’s name in the #MeToo movement and revealed questionable leadership in the Dubbing Union.

Chinmayi approached the Madras High Court regarding her ban and got an interim order. The court order also indicates that she is a member of the Dubbing Union. But, judge Ravi had dismissed her petition saying that she isn’t a member of the Union.

She wrote, “Mr Radha Ravi has won Unopposed’ and they rejected my nomination it seems. Despite the fact that my interim order says I have all the rights to be a member. I dont understand how the Honble Retired Justice Sri Ravi decided I am not a member when the Court says so. The point of having an election officer is to make sure that the elections wre conducted in a far manner. And then said election officers decide I am not a member of the Dubbing Union based on whose orders? Mr Radha Ravi’s orders? Anyway I’ll take this up legally. Mr Radha Ravi will have to stand opposed. Whatever said and done. And the Ramarajyam team stands precisely for that reason. (sic)”

Pranita Jonnalagedda

A features journalist who started writing because of her love for newspapers, Pranita Jonnalagedda is now exploring the digital space where she writes extensively on Telugu cinema. After fulfilling a childhood dream of working in the newspapers with brief stints in The Times of India and The Deccan Chronicle, Pranita is now a freelancing journalist who has contributed to several leading news portals like Film Companion, The News Minute, DNA, Telugu 360 and The Hans India among several others. Exploring her joint love for films and writing, she covers cinema in a holistic style and covers all the related trends, news, and fashion developments. An alumnus of Osmania University College of Arts and Social Sciences from where she pursued her Post Graduation in Mass Communication and Journalism, she is travel blogging when she isn't writing.

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