Chodavaram Village of Andhra Pradesh turns role model for 19 countries

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  19 Nov 2019 3:25 PM GMT
Chodavaram Village of Andhra Pradesh turns role model for 19 countries

Hyderabad: Around 23 researchers from 19 countries visited Chodavaram Village Secretariat in Visakhapatnam district under the aegis of DRDA and National Rural Development Department to study the various demands of rural residents.

The researchers felt that the needs of the rural people and the developments undertaken by them were commendable. They also noted that the residents’ efforts served as a model to emulate in their countries.

Researchers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Zambia and other countries visited the village.

Andhra Pradesh has become a role model for other states by setting up village and ward Secretariats, they said . These institutions would act as a bridge between the government and the people by rendering over 500 types of services at their doorsteps, leading to decentralisation of the administration.

The researchers studied the rural governance system, government programmes, service and rural development in Andhra Pradesh. The researchers found that, Employees from 11 governmental departments were instrumental in setting up a robust and innovative secretariat system to serve the public.

Speaking on the same, Agisangyang Kowpa, Economic Planner, Finance and Planning Department, Botswana, said that the governance system he observed is good. He also lauded our culture alongside praising the governance. “The rural system is very strong, and it is commendable that the government does a lot of good for the people. We are very excited about the project,” he added.

Encoder Christopher, Divisional Delegate Agriculture Department, Cameron said, “It is nice to have a rural administration under the state’s control. Employees from all departments are available at the village level to serve the public. The rural system is strong because the government offers many schemes to the people.”

Another researcher Ojay Kumar Haldar, Social Service Officer, Social Service Department, Bangladesh said, “There is a rural system close to the needs of the people. It is a good practice for the government to provide pensions for the elderly. It is commendable that the government is supporting those who are below the poverty line.”

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