Concerned about foreign-returned neighbours? GHMC opens up helpline

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  24 March 2020 8:59 AM GMT
Concerned about foreign-returned neighbours? GHMC opens up helpline

Hyderabad: Several residents in Hyderabad, have been concerned about their neighbours who have returned from abroad. Following this, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has opened up the following helpline numbers, so that citizens may provide information and ensure effective tracking of people who have been advised to remain under quarantine.

The numbers are as follows:

1. 91546 86549

2. 91546 86552

3. 91546 86558

4. 91546 86557

Arvind Kumar, Principal Secretary Urban, government of Telangana had also tweeted the online handles where citizens may provide information.

Information may be provided via Twitter through GHMC’s online handle @GHMCOnline or @cdmatelangana (outside GHMC). People may also give their queries via mail at [email protected]

For the past few days, amid the coronavirus outbreak, many instances have been reported where foreign returnees have defied quarantine, ignoring public health guidelines. Earlier on March 23, a case was registered against four members of a family in Mahbubabad district’s Danthalapally for defying quarantine orders. The police said that a man from Bhadrachalam had recently returned from Qatar. He had been advised to be quarantined at home. The neighbours informed the police after the man flouted the quarantine rules and went to his wife’s house in Danthalapally.

Meanwhile, some foreign-returnees have also witnessed how people are popping paracetamol pills to reduce their temperature, so as to clear the thermal screening held at airports.

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