Constable posts obscene comments against Jamia students on WhatsApp, gets suspended

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  21 Dec 2019 1:03 PM GMT
Constable posts obscene comments against Jamia students on WhatsApp, gets suspended

Hyderabad: A police constable� Pankaj Kumar serving at the� Nampally police station has been suspended� for psoting� obscene comments against the two female Jamia Milia university students in a private WhatsApp group. In the screenshot of the chat that has gone viral on Twitter, the constable, named Pankaj Kumar, is seen commenting against a poster of Ladeeda Farzana and Aysha Renna, the two female faces of the Jamia student protests.

From the screenshot, it was understood that the messages had been sent at 1.32 am on December 21, in a group named “Amberpet PTC”. Following this, Mohammed Abdul Akram, a Twitter user, posted it on Twitter, after which the incident came to light. However, in the tweet, Akram had wrongly attributed the constable’s station as Narayanguda, when the actual station was Nampally. Police officers from Narayanguda have confirmed that there is no constable under the name of Pankaj Kumar working there.

P. Vishwa Prasad, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central Zone said that the matter is under investigation, besides he has been suspended. Speaking to NewsMeter, he said, “We are trying to verify this information. As of now, we know that the police constable had posted these messages in a private WhatsApp group. Someone had taken a screenshot of that private communication and posted it on Twitter.”

He further added, “Once investigation is completed and all details are verified, definitely criminal action will be taken. Although he has not posted this as city police, it is a bad post all the same. The city police do not subscribe to such views.”

Mohammed Ahmed Vindhani, a social worker from Hyderabad, who had contacted the constable, said, “I asked him whether that image was edited. He accepted that he wrote that message, and said he was in deep sleep while sending it. Despite repeated attempts, the constable did not respond to calls or messages.

This incident comes out at a time when Ladeeda Farzana and Aysha Renna are to address the protest public meeting going to be held at Darussalam, Hyderabad on December 21. The images and videos of both of these students protesting and standing up to the Delhi police had gone viral on social media.

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