Constable risks life to save elderly man who fell into a well

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 Sep 2019 2:49 PM GMT
Constable risks life to save elderly man who fell into a well

Telangana: Risking his own life, a police head constable climbed down a 150-feet-deep abandoned well to rescue an elderly man who accidentally fell into it, at Shamshabad of Ranga Reddy district. The elderly Dasari Chandraiah was pulled out to safety after a four-hour-long operation on Thursday. Videos of the head constable K Krishnamachary climbing down and coming out of the well after the rescue has become viral on social media. Krishnamachary is posted to Shamshabad police station under Cyberabad commissionerate in Telangana.

Chandraiah accidentally fell in the well while hunting birds. The villagers alerted the police of the incident and Krishnamachary who was on patrolling duty, rushed to the spot. After learning that the man was alive, the head constable informed his superiors so that help can be arranged. Even before help could arrive, he used a rope to climb down. Krishnamachary gave water to Dasari, comforted him and kept him engaged in a conversation.

Krishnamachary said he did not think of the risk, as saving a life was more important to him. Meanwhile, Chandraiah's son and his friend also joined them in the well. While they took care of Chandraiah in the well, police personnel and villagers outside of it made rescue arrangements to bring everyone out. Later, using a rope tied to a heavy crane, Chandraiah was safely pulled out of the well. As he was in shock, the elderly man was shifted to Osmania hospital, where he is recovering.

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