Hyderabad: Since the past year, the only daughter of Srikanth, a reserve sub-inspector with Siddipet police in Telangana, is studying in a seemingly ordinary Mandal Parishad primary school. The policeman and his wife Supriya can well afford to send their daughter Kethana to a better-equipped private school, but the couple wants to save the money to spend it for the welfare of underprivileged children.

“We had decided even before our marriage to send our children to a government school. Even I have studied in a government school during my 9th and 10th standard despite my parents being in government sector back then,” said Srikanth.

Four-year-old Kethana is an LKG student at the school in Prashanth Nagar where she used to sit with children from five other classes, as the entire school is managed by only one headmaster-cum-teacher. The school has 45 students on paper, though 30 to 35 kids regularly attend the classes.

Supriya, who has done her B.Ed along with double PG, decided to chip in. She has now joined the school as a Vidya Volunteer and manages half the students.

“There was one Vidya Volunteer, but she resigned after she got a government job. So I joined the school as they needed one. My daughter here studies really well, she mingles with everyone and plays and eats with the other kids. She doesn’t get any preferential treatment from anyone. That’s the way we wanted her to grow up and we are happy seeing her here,” said Supriya sounding content.

To boost the school’s infrastructure, the couple recently gifted a smart TV worth Rs 17,000 which enables the students to get digital lessons on a par with other private schools. Supriya said they hope more people will volunteer to improve infrastructure at government schools in their respective areas. “Because education is the basic thing that has the power to change the fate of children no matter what their financial position is. Everybody should do their bit.”

About the quality of the education their daughter is getting at the Mandal school, the parents said it will get better if more and more government employees enrol their kids in such schools. The father added, “It will improve the overall standard of education at government schools which will benefit everyone.”

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