Cop on duty at police outpost in Borabanda found drunk

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 May 2020 6:00 AM GMT
Cop on duty at police outpost in Borabanda found drunk

Hyderabad: Easing the restriction on sale of liquor seems to have an affect on the police personnel too.

Shockingly, a cop posted at the police outpost at Borabanda under the SR Nagar police station limits, was reportedly found in an inebriated condition on Wednesday night.

This came to light when a few residents reached the outpost to lodge a complaint regarding a drunken brawl in their area. Videos of the cop allegedly speaking in an inebriated condition while on duty had gone viral.

According to the residents of Borabanda, after wine shops were reopened, a few people in their area entered into quarrels with others.

There were reports of groups of people creating nuisance under the influence of alcohol, in the area.

Later, after the quarrels subsided, the residents approached the police personnel deputed at the police outpost in the area. When the residents arrived, there were three staff at the outpost, including a woman, on duty.

The residents of the colony tried to explain to the cops about the drunken brawls but the latter refused to take the complaints and one of them was not even in a condition to listen to them. The residents alleged that he was under the influence of alcohol and when questioned about his abnormal behaviour, he told that he was searching for his mobile phone.

The incident went to the notice of the higher officials and an inquiry was also ordered.

Meanwhile, quarrels involving people in an inebriated condition continued in various parts of the city on Wednesday and Thursday also.

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