Hyderabad: A group of trans-genders has been creating nuisance and involved in extortion at Attapur of Rajendranagar late into the nights. Though it has become a regular practice for them, no action has been taken. They ‘operate’ in the open place beside the RDO office near pillar No. 162 of the PVNR Expressway.

Like every day, some of them gathered at the place and started creating nuisance on Tuesday night. They were seen obstructing traffic and stopping vehicles, demanding money from them.

As their acts were going beyond control, a group of youngsters from the area rounded them up and alerted police. This led to an argument between the youngsters and the trans-genders. Police teams rushed to the area and picked them up and took them to the police station.

The police received a complaint from the youngsters, who urged the officials to tighten vigil in the area and increase the frequency of patrolling with special focus on such nuisance-makers.

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