Cops stop funeral procession from burning crackers, tension prevails

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  18 Sep 2019 2:26 PM GMT
Cops stop funeral procession from burning crackers, tension prevails

Vizag: Tension marked the funeral procession of an elderly woman in Visakhapatnam district on Tuesday evening. Korukonda Simhachalam, resident of Kotna Street in Anakapalle Town, died on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday evening her relatives took out her funeral procession from Kotna street, passing through the Anakapalle Town police station to the cremation ground near Sarada River in the town.

When the procession was passing through the Anakapalle Town police station, some police constables seeking that the group were bursting fire crackers stopped them. The constables citied public safety and seized the fire crackers, along with taking one person into custody.

Displeased with the action, relatives of the deceased woman entered the police station and staged a protest in front of the police station with the body.

The relatives said, “As per our culture, death is not the end of the life. We believe in rebirth and Soul (atma). So according to us, death is kind of freedom that the Soul has attained and to celebrate it, we burst crackers.”

The atmosphere turned tense at the police station with heated arguments taking place between the police and the relatives of the deceased. Hearing about the situation, Anakapalle MLA G. Amarnath and some YSRC leaders rushed to the spot and pacified the police and the protesting group.

After much cajoling, the relatives took the funeral procession to the cremation ground and completed the rituals.

Inspector of police, Anakapalle Town, L. Bhaskar said, “We will not let this incident go and will register cases against the group of people for bursting crackers and bringing a funeral procession inside the station. If we remained silent against such activities, it will lead to law and order issues in the coming days.”

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