Corona virus: 51 engineers from Sri City SEZ stuck in China's Wuhan

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  29 Jan 2020 4:22 PM GMT
Corona virus: 51 engineers from Sri City SEZ  stuck in Chinas  Wuhan

Andhra Pradesh : Over 51 young engineers from Andhra Pradesh are stuck in China’s Zuoling road in Wuhan, where the deadly Corona virus originated. Among those stranded include employees from the Sri City SEZ and TCL factory.

In total there are 58 Indian engineers (51 from Andhra Pradesh and seven from north Indian states) in Wuhan,one of the engineer stranded there, said on Wednesday.

The 51 engineers from AP are young graduates from Andhra University, Gitam University, SVU and ANITS College, according to an engineer, who asked to be anonymous. They were in China after bagging campus placements and were being trained at TCL CSOT since August 24, 2019.

Speaking to NewsMeter, He said, “Many of us are from Srikakulam and Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh. Along with me are some my friends, from same districts. Ninety-two students from AP travelled to China. Of the remaining 41 some stayed in Shenzhen while some returned to India before the Corona outbreak.”�

He further said, “We are in touch with our�parents but there is a growing concern over the situation. Of the 58 members here in Zuoling road, 48 are men and 10 women.”

When asked if the engineers have contacted the Indian Embassy in China, the engineer said, “We have been in touch with them, however, there has not been any progress. We have been advised to wear masks even while in the rooms, wash our hands frequently, keep our body warm and have been categorically advised not to eat non-vegetarian or any raw or processed food.”

Though the company (referring to Sri City ) �has pressed in efforts to send the employees back to their respective countries, they are finding it difficult due to the fears of the virus and the China government reportedly restricted all arrivals and departures from Wuhan airport. Back home, parents and family members of the employees are worried.

The video messages of the worried �parents who have urged the government to bring back their loved one has gone viral on social media. Responding to the worries of the families, APIIC Chairperson and Nagari MLA R K Roja, said,�

"The� issuehas been brought �to the notice of the Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy and MP Vijaya Sai Reddy for any support. They directed the concerned officials to make arrangements for bringing back the employees to the state."

Meanwhile, the Indian embassy took to social media explaining the measures that were being taken for the smooth evacuation of Indians stranded in China.�

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